Wilton technology also is a best choice for hotel eg. hotel corridor

A Wilton carpet is a woven wool carpet noted for having up to, but never more than, five colors per pattern. These carpets are available in many patterns as well as textures such as looped or a cut-velvet appearance.

Types of Wilton carpets include the face-to-face, single frame and multi-frame. In a face-to-face Wilton carpet, machines weave two backings attached by pile yarn. The yarn is then cut to form two cut pile carpets.

A single frame Wilton carpet is also known as a plain Wilton and it is produced as a looped pile carpet which may either stay looped or be cut by blades added to the weaving machine. Cut and loop pattern rows are also possible in the single frame technique and may be formed with multi-colored yarns.

The multi-frame method produces Wilton rugs in textures that other machine types cannot achieve. The multi-frame rug is also known as a Jacquard Wilton carpet. As the multi-frame technique involves colors of yarn strands being carried inside the backing, a thick durable carpet is formed with a padded look and feel to it.

The Wilton carpet is known for its strength and durability and is a popular choice for commercial areas as it can stand up to high traffic. Patterned or sometimes solid color, Wilton carpeting is often used on airliners and passenger trains as well as in hotels. A Wilton carpet can also be used in residential applications, but Wilton area rugs are more common for domestic use than the wall-to-wall carpeting.

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The Wilton Weave construction is the most versatile & unique weave structure. Wilton carpets are capable of ‘all cut’, ‘all loop’ or a combination of the two textures. We produces Wilton Weaves in a variety of pitch densities, and offers electronic jacquard abilities in this department to grant the end user unlimited design options!

Wilton carpets are pile carpets whereby the pile is formed by inserting wires in the pile warps of the carpet. After extraction of the wires the pile is looped (in case straight wires have been used) or cut (in case cutting wires are used). Because the yarn is buried on the back and only lifted when a specific colour is needed, it gives the wilton product more body, resilience, and great quality.

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Wilton weave is the most versatile and unique weave structure, it can do “all cut”, “all loop” or a combination of the two textures. A variety of pitch densities, and electronic jacquard enable us to offer a variety of design options.


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