Cut Loop Machine (CLM) for Rugs, Mosque or Small Room

A carpet machine that combines digital technology and weaving machines, so as to produce a carpet of good quality, the yarn used can be maximized by this machine so that it saves a lot in terms of the cost that consumers can spend. we call it the cut and loop carpet because the characteristic of this carpet is the yarn on the carpet that can be adjusted whether the cut or loop is as desired so that the artistic and beauty impression is very attached to the carpet produced by this machine.

Our CLM technology also great for small room including guest room

Our CLM Machine Main Features:

  • Adopting the 4 track cams seal design and equipped with knit cams, tuck cams and miss cams. High precision central raising and falling system can adjust the fabric weight conveniently and quickly. The special design of the feeding yarn carrier makes the option of Lycra more proficient. Featuring an ergonomic design, the additional middle feeding yarn transferring makes it easy for personnel to monitor and carry yarn, without the machine touching the operator’s body; at the same time, the yarn-carrying system is freer and steadier, satisfying the demand of machine operating and knitting at high speeds.
  • Flexible for knitting varying fabrics and Multi-functional models. By replacing the heart parts, it can easily convert into 3 thread fleece and terry machine and other machines.

Other Details:

Item Standard Option
Control Digital Control Panel
– RPM, counter, working hour
-3 Shift
-Automatic Stop, Failure signal
Led Touch Control Panel
Electronic yarn length measurement
Electronic Inverter 380V, 50/60 Hz
Motor 3.7kW//5HP or 5.5 kW/7.5Hp
Knit Germany Groz-Bracket Needle
Taiwan sinker
Kern Liebers sinker
cam Single Jersy: 2x1x1
Terry: Special Cam Design for Terry
Velour: Filmenty/ Cotton use cam
Three-Thread Fleece: Special Cam
Design for Three-Thread Fleece
Single Jersy: Fine gauge cam
Terry: Cylinder PK / Dial and Cylinder
PK/CourseGuage/ Fine gauge cam
Velour: Filament/ Coton cam
Positive Feeder Two Speed positive feeder Memminger positive feeder
Spandex feeder
Yarn Guide Three hole ceramic
2 hole ceramic and Spandex wheel
Zirconia yarn guide
Lubricator Mist type oiler Pulsonic 5.2
Cloth winder Cloth Winder Folding and rolling cloth winder
Open width Device
Frame C Type (Classic Type)
Central Stitch system
Creel Two Side Creel D8/D9 aluminium creel
Triangle Creel
Dust Cleaning Fan Radar Top and Central Fan Cleaner
Others Machine light
Tool Box with tools and Screws

All the technical spesification shown this page taken from original machine manufacturer site

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Cut pile is a style of carpet that is sheared, exposing the ends of the carpet fiber. Cut piles come in different lengths and thicknesses


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