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PT. Lung Victory Carpet is Indonesian based carpet manufacturer, click through to explore our award winning range of carpets including wool, synthetic & blended carpets. We use New Zealand wool for the raw materials. Wool is one of the original super fibres with production and uses that date back approximately 10,000 years in Asia Minor. Its natural, renewable and biodegradable qualities are creating waves of interest as innovators look to sustainable alternatives to synthetic fibres. Our wool’s advantage doesn’t stop there. It has many safety benefits too. This breathable fibre helps control humidity and keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, it’s flame retardant!

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The ultimate integrated place to finding wool rich and nylon woven Axminster carpets Wilton carpets Cut and Loop carpets Sewings carpets Hand tufted carpets The First 3D Artificial Grass product with Robotuft Technology carpets in Indonesia.

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PT. Lung Victory Carpet is one of the largest carpet factory in Indonesia that produces various kinds of carpets.


PT. Lung Victory Carpet has been producing carpets with the best quality and has been accepted by consumers such as star hotels, appartments, offices, residences and villas as well as other public facilities that prioritize the feel of elegance, luxury and of course provide more comfort. Forwarding custom designs as one of our advantages, consumers can take part in creating concepts so that a dream carpet becomes a reality.



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Robotuft Technology Product

The First 3D Artificial Grass in Indonesia

PT Lung Victory Carpet offers quality artificial grass that provides an affordable, low maintenance solution to garden design. Find expert advice & guides from us.



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